Graham House Community Centre


A group of citizens, many of whom were also part of the North Country Deanery of the Catholic Church, were concerned with the lack of services and information available to community members.  The North Country Deanery of the Catholic Church at that time was applying for funding for the South Burnett Community Development Program to fill this need.

The Department of Children’s Services and Aboriginal Affairs offered the building to the group which in 1989 became known as the Graham House Community Centre.  The Centre went on to become an incorporated association in 1992.

Over the next four (4) years, Graham House Community Centre accessed small one-off grants to provide community education, after school activities and a meeting place for many groups.

Graham House Community Centre has experienced huge growth over the past 25+ years, however the mission of the organisation, which is to provide services that respond to the needs of individuals with empathy and dignity, while nurturing the strengths of individuals and the community to empower them to meet their own needs, remains the same.

Graham House Community Centre services now extend to the whole of the South Burnett area.

Graham House Community Centre

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