Perpetrator Intervention Program

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This program provides individual counselling and a behaviour change program ‘Stop the Cycle’ for men aged over the age of 17 years who have used domestic and family violence in their intimate relationships.

Who can access this service?

Service users may self-refer into the perpetrator intervention program, may be court mandated as a condition of voluntary intervention order or other court order following a breach of a protection order or as a bail or parole condition.

What is ‘Stop the Cycle’ Program?

Stop the Cycle is an educational program that provides participants with information and practical tools which can help to change the values, beliefs and behaviours that support and are at the foundation of participants’ use of violence. The groups focus is on the fact that violence is a behaviour that has been learned through life and, as such, can be unlearnt.

Men who use violence ARE capable of change, if they are committed to making that change.

The program covers eight themes:

  • Non-violence
  • Non-threatening Behaviour
  • Accountability
  • Negotiation and Fairness
  • Respect
  • Support and Trust
  • Sexual Respect
  • Partnerships

Throughout the group participants learn about the intent behind their use of violence and how their abusive behaviour works to create and maintain power and control over their partners and loved ones.

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