Family Support

Family Support Program

We all know that parenting is a challenging and sometimes overwhelming task. Some people have the benefit of support of family or friends in meeting these challenges, however, not everyone in the community is so fortunate. The Family Support Program offers a service to families where the Family Supoprt Worker can visit families in their homes or meet with individuals and or families at Graham House Community Centre to provide support in a variety of ways depending on the problems the family is experiencing.

Families may be experiencing a range of problems such as:

  • Parenting issues;
  • Feeling loney & isolated;
  • Financial pressures;
  • Lack of knowledge of community supports;
  • Difficulty coping with children;
  • Feeling stressed.

Aim of the Program:

To provide practical and emotional support to families in our community who are experiencing difficulties. The Family Support Program focuses on developing family strengths and increasing opportunities for improved individual and family goals. All parents need support and information at different times, for different reasons. Seeking out and using support is a vital part of parenting…

What does the Family Support Worker do?

  • Listen and talk through options and possible solutions to family or personal problems;
  • Offer ideas about handling stress and ways to learn to relax;
  • Share ideas and skills about Child Behaviour and child development, parenting & home management issues;
  • Assist families to link into other support groups and community resources where appropriate;
  • Develop special caring relationships with family members based on trust.

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Building Futures Together

The purpose of Building Futures Together is to increase access to family intervention services for families of children and young people under the age of 18 years subject to ongoing child protection statutory intervention where the child or young person is living in an out-of-home placement or in the family home.  Individuals and families involved in this program require direct referral from the Department of Child Safety.

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