A volunteer driver is a person providing community transport through driving and/or assisting the client to access services in the community. The work environment can differ from client to client and may include driving a service car to the client’s home, assisting with any mobilising aids, driving the client to the destination and returning the client home. Alternatively, it may involve riding on a transport service such as a bus, assisting a client to embark and disembark, and possibly accompany the client while accessing a service.

Mandatory requirements

• A current, appropriate driver’s licence,
• A current First Aid Certificate,
• Restricted Driver Authorisation

Roles and responsibilities

• Driving clients to and from destinations in a safe and lawful manner,
• When necessary accompany clients into buildings and assist with access
• Reporting to the coordinator any issues, incidents or feedback relating to the service,
• Following reporting procedures for workplace health and safety, risk management and itinerary planning,
• Attending training programs and participate in service planning days,
• Maintaining current knowledge of the policies and procedures used by the service,
• Providing services to clients in a way which respects their rights and dignity,
• Assisting clients to access services, social outlets, and participation in community life,
• Sharing information with clients and the community including client rights and responsibilities, how to access the service and how to make a
complaint about the service,
• Documenting receival of monies from clients Contributions,
• Providing a service that accords respect and dignity to clients and empowers them to achieve maximum independence, and
• Being committed to quality; being flexible and responsive to the needs of clients.
• Work in accordance with the Graham House Community Centre Policy and Procedures and management practices.
• Comply with all WH&S requirements.

Qualifications/Skills Required:

Personal qualities – it is important to have:

• A genuine desire to help people,
• Good communication skills, and
• Enthusiasm for the service you provide.


Volunteer Social Trip Coordinator PD PDF



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